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cottageinskye 2015-05-18 21:44:00

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At last the weather is improving after a poor winter and cold wet spring! Some nice flowers and new lettuces almost ready to encourage me to keep planting and growing. I planted the pansies in October and the tulips in January. I got the tulips in Amsterdam and they are really a lovely display.


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Just finished planting out both my greenhouses and polytunnels and really pleased with results so far. Already got lettuces and saladini ready to eat and last years winter lettuces are still being eaten too. 

This is the first year I have managed to keep lettuce going all the year round. I think it was due to the mild winter. Here are a few photos of various bits of the garden just now.

Have made up my hanging baskets ready for the sunny weather – I grew my own petunias this year as it is much cheaper

Spring flowers

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Lovely time of year on Skye just now – April showers but in between there is some mild and sunny weather. Here are a few photos of the daffodils and forsythia and the peach tree flowering in the greenhouse.

Summer produce

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Here are a few delicious things I picked today. Some of our visitors enjoy picking vegetables with us for their dinner whilst staying at Breakish Moss Cottage. We have a fine selection of organic vegetables, fruit and eggs.

July highlights!

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Have been working hard on the garden for months now as I volunteered to have an Open Garden Day on July 6th. Anyway unfortunately it rained all day!  We still had 22 visitors and raised £70 for our local hall her in Breakish.

Here are a few photos of the flowers that are out now. Really enjoying them.

Summer flowers

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The garden is looking very pretty just now with lots of lovely plants flowering. We are having an Open Garden in July so I hope it will still look good then when most of these have gone!



Dont know the name of this daisy – very colourful 

Forget me not

Globe flowers

cottageinskye 2013-06-13 15:55:00

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Went a lovely trip to try to catch some trout in a nice loch about 3 miles away. You have to climb the hill steeply from about a quarter of the way up the Kylerhea road and eventually get to 3 lovely lochs which have quite a lot of fish in them – if you can catch them!

Anyway we didnt get anything that night but got this real close up of a deer on he way home. He
just stood there and let us look at him and we were very close as you can see.

cottageinskye 2013-06-02 20:06:00

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My little magnolia flowered this year. The Stellata magnolia has such a pretty flower. We have really enjoyed it.

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We have been lucky to have great weather this week and with the help from our wwoofers Thea and Jacob we managed to get the polytunnel plastic on again. It has been off for the last year. Great to get it all planted out and usable again. Thank you Jacob and Thea!

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Have been getting a great display from the tulip bulbs we were given for Christmas. They were from Amsterdam from relatives travelling through but are the best bulbs we have ever had. Such beautiful colours. I put them in the greenhouse till they were nearly ready and they have lasted for weeks.